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Article is a key source for you which supplies reach resources, after all it is a River of Information. It establishes your company as an expert in the industry as you disseminate information to the target audience through well-written articles.

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How to write good content

There are different types of content on the web, each having a style different from the other.So reading a website is not similar to reading a book or a newspaper, therefore before you start spilling money on campaigns be sure your site is built in accordance with internet writing standards. Lets talk about few simple rules you don't want to break when building a website:

Don't waste your visitors time

Time is money. Most people decide whether they are interested in what the website has to offer in just to seconds. Therefore make sure your landing page provides the most crucial and appealing information about your business.

Number one time waster is a heavy loading pages with lot's of flash animations and pictures. Make sure your web pages are not too heavy otherwise you might loose your visitors before they entered your website.

Most of the visitors need to find what they are looking for fast, otherwise they look for it elsewhere. As a webmaster you must make sure your data is well categorizes and divided to relevant pages , categories, headlines and sub-titles. A visitor must be able to navigate your website easily and successfully.

Avoid too much "Special affects"

By this I mean don't include too much flash movies and avoid using music if you don't have to. As we mentioned earlier, Flash has a large loading time which damages viewer experience, besides too much flash may be annoying and search engines can't read it.

Music is a great thing, but somehow music and websites do not fit too well. If you want to put some background tune anyway, make sure a user can silence it quickly and easily. Or in contrary , let the user click "Play" and begin the music when he decides.


 Keep your article reader-friendly. Use legible fonts, short sentences and paragraphs to keep the look clutter free. Use headers, sub headers, bold fonts and other techniques to make the important points stand out from the rest.

Being readable is about not over explaining things. Your good content isn't a novel, it's a readable document providing information to people who are interested in learning the subject you're writing about. Stick to the point.

Keep your personality within the words as this shines through. Your perspective on a subject is why people are reading. Chances are the subject has been covered before and it's you they're reading, so be yourself.

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