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Apps, which make design easier

Here are a list of Iphone apps, which help designers to make creation faster and easier. Asian Paints Colour Scheme Pro

This app is free for downloading and it gives a huge list of colour palettes, which are so important for each designer and can help to create a unique scheme.

Every designer understand that good photo editor is that what he needs for all the time and Repix is one of such. There are many effects which can help with editing photos in a few minutes, what is very comfortable for everyone.

Paper is a kind of apps, which are indispensable for every graphic designer, because it helps with creation all sorts of creative types. You can use your phone instead of a notebook, what is not only comfortable, but also interesting enough.

This app is full of shapes and symbols and gives an opportunity to create any snap you want. Also the advantage is that it’s possible to save your project in JPG, PNG, SVG and PDF. Such apps are like a helping hand for successful designers and for those, who do their first steps in sphere of design. More of them are available only for IOS, but some can be also downloaded on Android.

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