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Key questions your business plan should answer


  • 1) What is the quantity of investments?
  • 2) What will you need except for money and how to provide that?
  • 3) How much time will you need to organize and launch the process?
  • 4) What are the future expenses of your business? What sum will be monthly spent on covering minimal expenses?
  • 5) How are you planning to gain profit? What commodity and services are you planning to sell? Who can be your business’ client? Where will you get these clients? How are you going to attract them?
  • 6) All the expenses should be divided into changeable (their size depends on the business revenue) and constant (which should be paid in any case, regardless the revenue). What should be the volume of monthly sales in order to make the business self-repaid.
  • 7) What month will the sales be launched? How many months would you need to get a larger revenue? How much will the expenses increase?
  • 8) How much time will it take you to increase your revenue twice?
  • 9) How soon will your business be capable of giving the investments back?
  • Business is always rather risky. If business will be less beneficial or will bring less income than other investments, for example, into property, you need to think twice before you put your money into it. You will hardly find it clever to risk a lot and at the same time to get a poor income.

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