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How to Maximize your Page Rank

Why care about the Page rank?

As mentioned in previous articles, Page Rank is one of the familiar variables in determining appearance in SE results. Although today the importance of page rank has been descended, and sometimes we see pages of PR 3 or 4 getting to first places in Google, Page Rank is one of the variables SEO's often deal with because this is the variable we know a lot about and can approach sensibly. The second good reason to learn about PR is using it to emphasize important pages of your website, like the Homepage ( you know how annoying it is when SE presents some negligible page of your website higher than the Homepage)

What is PR?

PR ranges from 1-10 and indicates the number and quality of page incoming links.

Page Rank is calculated as follows:

PR(A) = log10((1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + ... + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)))
when : 0<1
PR(T1) – Page rank of page T1 linking to page A. T1, ….,Tn
C(T1) – number of outbound links in page T

Notice that the 1-10 scale is accepted because of logarithmization of the equation. Therefore , each group of page rank ( PR1,… PR10) is not equal in size and getting to higher PR group is getting harder with every step.

This article deals with page rank maximization techniques:

PR0 – Page rank zero

This rank is usually given to:

new pages

pages with very few incoming links

websites being caught using Black Hat Strategies to promote their website.

Webpages with PR0 can harm your website in case that one of your pages links to PR0 page. Although, if PR0 page links to your page , your pages is not hurt nor benefited because Google assumes you don't have absolute control over your incoming links. Even so , you may exchange links with PR0 page in case that

The PR0 page doesn't contain hidden text or other forbidden elements of black hat SEO

The page is new and therefore gets zero ranking.

PR leakage

Although PR depends on your incoming links, linking to other websites can cause you PR leakage, therefore use only necessary links to other websites.

Linking to pages inside your website does not cost you PR therefore you can do it freely.

Make sure every page in your website links to other important pages since every link has its contribution. Leaving Dead end pages wastes this contribution.

Use PR to emphasize important pages:

Creating links smartly to most important pages of your website, like Homepage, gives it PR boost and helps emphasizing its importance in front of less important pages in the website.

This is the most popular and beneficial link scheme emphasizing your homepage:

All pages in the website link to Homepage (first priority page)

Page of x priority is not linked to other pages of x priority but only to Homepage, page of x+1 , and X-1 priority. (for example, categories are not linked between them).

No jumping between pages in non hierarchic order : for example Page priority 1 doesn’t link to page priority 3 , and page of same priority are not interlinked.

If we count the relative distribution of PR between all the pages, in this scheme, Homepage gets the highest rank.

If we link the categories , Homepage rank descends and category PR raises a little.

If we link all the pages at the website to each other, all of them get the same but low PR.

To get the highest Homepage PR we must link all the pages to Homepage only and Homepage must link to all the pages.

Exchanging/ Purchasing Links

Incoming link is more effective if it comes from high PR page.

Page with few links is better contributor than page with lots of links (in case they are of same PR)

Exchange links only with well ranked websites because exchanging links cause PR leakage. This leakage must be weaker than link contribution otherwise the exchange is not beneficial.

Don't exchange pages with PR0 pages because in best case scenario it doesn’t help you. (Unless you expect this page to be very popular in short period).
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