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Website Builder: How Do I Benefit?

As a business owner, your initial steps towards building a website are usually ones of hesitation and doubt. You’ve heard the hype and every single business news and media outlet talk about this website and that website and all what a website can do for you and your business.

But what are your options?

You have several options if you are going to purchase a website package.

They are:

Hire A Website Designer

When you hire a website designer, you WILL get a professional looking website. However, what you’ll inevitably get is a very big price tag and a lack of control. You are at the whim of the designer and their schedule. Also, you’ll have to qualify them (many are sole proprietors or ‘freelancers’).

Pros: Professional looking website
Cons: Cost; scheduling delays; lack of control

Do-It-Yourself/Get A Friend

The Do-It-Yourself/Get A Friend option is very appealing at first glance. After all, you’ll learn a new skill. You learn how to code, how to maintain a website, how to build a website and all the infinite details. However, this all requires time. If you have the time, go for it. All the risk and rewards will be yours. Since you don’t have the time because you’re busy attracting more customers and focusing on the business, you decide to get a friend to help. Your friend tells you that they’ll get to it. A week later, you ask your friend how’s the website because you haven’t seen anything. So they tell you that they had a hard week at work and… You get the picture. Your friend’s time is valuable to them as well.

Pros: Potential to be very inexpensive

Cons: High learning curve; your margin is at risk because you are taking away from your core business knowledge and spreading yourself thinly. May damage your friendship because you’re managing your friend just like an employee. Your business image is at risk because you don’t know if the finished product will be professional.

Website Builder
When building a website, you look for these 4 items:

1) Inexpensive website building
2) Professional design
3) Have access to changes from any PC
4) Accessible Customer Service

The cost of a website is the initial sticker shock when thinking about website ownership. However, the cost can often overshadow what you require. For example, you require a registered domain name, a place to host your website (store your files) and the ability to control the context of your website from one central location. If the price appears too cheap for what they’re offering, then you may question whether you want to have your website hosted with that company.

You also want a company that will backup your data on a regular basis. A website company that also keeps abreast of technology that can help your website business grow is also important.

Website building shouldn’t be overly complicated. A website company that can help you build your website from the ground up with a focus on delivering your website professionally, inexpensively and on time will get your business 99% of the time.

Evaluate your website company and see what they can deliver. That’s the only way of knowing if they’re right for you and your website business.
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